Neco TX4 (locking) | Door and shutter remote

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Neco TX4. A 4 Channel Fixed Code Transmitter

Please Note: Do not confuse this remote with the rolling code version which has a grey sliding cover and silver buttons. This fixed code remote has a black cover and sliver casing. It is the genuine replacement for the Neco TX4 Old (With Grey Buttons)

Please Note: The lock and unlock function ARE enabled on these remotes but do NOT come with a keyring.

Frequency: 433Mhz

Batteries: 1 x 27a 12v

Dimension: L - 6cm W - 3.3cm

Additional Information

Number of ButtonsNo
InfoAll of our Neco gate and garage door remote controls come complete with batteries and full step by step programming instructions. We stock a full range of Neco replacement remote controls and gate or key fobs that can be used for controlling all types of electric gates and electric garage door openers. Please give us a call if you need advice on which remote transmitter to purchase.

Additional InformationNeco TX4 Gate & Garage Door Remote Fob Transmitter
Left or Right Handed MotorNo
Motor TypeNo
Button ColourSilver
Sliding or Swinging GatesNo
Number of ButtonsFour
Casing ColourBlack